Rebuilding Your Life After Recovery

Neither do those who are, or have been, abusive toward the client. Beyond teaching recovering addicts coping skills, we believe in teaching real-world life skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. How to find a job, how to be in a healthy relationship, and even how to shop for groceries. Examples may include divorce, getting fired, losing custody of children, homelessness, and loss of self-worth, to name a few. The first step in rebuilding your life afterdrug addictionis to find the support system you need to walk this new journey.

What does the 12 steps of recovery mean?

The 12 Steps outline a path to spiritual progress through a series of actions designed to elicit what The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous refers to as a “psychic change” – a complete mental, emotional, and spiritual shift in perception. We believe the 12 Steps can be a critical element of a long-term recovery program.

You must be sure that if you do not receive the answer you were hoping for when you reach back out, it will not send you spiraling back into the depths of active addiction. Therapy to help you and your family members process your addiction and learn healthy communication skills for the future. After treatment, you may find that those close to you feel angry or fearful. Repairing relationships after rehab can help you and your loved ones move forward.

Romance in Recovery

We are in-network with many providers and make paying for rehab with health insurance simple. We’ll rebuilding your life after addiction verify your insurance benefits beforehand and give you a breakdown of the anticipated costs.

where to start at rebuilding your life after addiction

Part of navigating a realistic recovery process is understanding that rebuilding relationships takes time, so it’s key to celebrate small victories. Not only does it disrupt day-to-day life and its routines, it can cause long-term destructive effects.

Attend Support Meetings Regularly

With each small change, inwardly celebrate your success in moving toward your goal. When you stop your drug or alcohol use, that is one major step in a long and complex recovery process. You will need to continue to work on your recovery after completing your treatment program.

Can you just turn up to an AA meeting?

If you prefer, you can simply turn up at one of our meetings – click on this link to find one near you. We strongly suggest that when you arrive you let someone know that this is your first meeting, that way they will be able to provide you with information that most people new to AA find useful.

Maybe you stole personal belongings or fell into debt financing your addiction. You may have even disappeared for long periods on end and left your loved ones feeling abandoned and worried. There is always hope to fix strained or damaged relationships, however.

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